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2022 Mid-Year Analysis by Lauris Deslex

What can we learn from 2022 Ukraine crisis replacing the sanitary crisis?

One would believe that the amazing situation of the logistic real estate derived from the exponential growth of the e-commerce would be flawless; yet the Ukraine crisis disrupted and impacted our 2022 first semester in different ways.

Following the scare derived from the lockup in March 2020, the tremendous demand of the e-commerce impacted Real-Estate to propel industrial & logistic to the most attractive sector. What followed was sweet moment which resulted in TOP Management scaling-up. We wanted to make sure that we were capable to continue our providing the same level of quality to all stakeholders involved in the development of Industrial & Logistic Real-Estate.

We barely had the time to enjoy it….

The Ukraine crisis came to remind us that our future is made of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity. The famous VUCA environment has proved to present in our lives and in our business more than ever. Managing a VUCA environment is part of TOP Team daily work with Real-Estate & Construction issues.

Indeed, TOP Management has been assessing the situation since the start of the conflict as. A Ukraine commission has been created internally monitoring construction cost, impact on program, and legal consequences on our sector.

In the meantime, we continue to pursue our long-term objective of making a more sustainable industry with our Sustainable Champions that are working hard to produce results. The governance of the company is changing towards a more participative/collaborative way using collective intelligence to take decisions.

We are looking at the next semester with the same passion: adapting ourselves to the environment and continuing to grow our culture. The Ukraine crisis coming right after the COVID crisis has made all of us stronger as it improved our agility and strong dedication.

Lauris Deslex

Lauris Deslex

Managing Partner | Top Management Group

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