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Protection measures against exposure to radon gas applied to an industrial building

In this edition Pablo Conde shares his expertise on radon prevention and Miguel San Millan presents a  real-life situation in an industrial building. Radon gas is a noble gas that is created from


A few weeks ago, the Top Management tribe gathered in Menorca (Spain) for two days to celebrate our annual seminar. This is always an exciting time since we have the opportunity to welcome

Interview with Mirko Vasiljevic,
Group Business Development Manager at Top Management

What attracted you to TOP’s project? I have known Top Management for more than 10 years, and we have met several times at international fairs and conferences. I was seduced by the group
Project Monitoring Services


A very important element in the world of construction must be taken into account in order to successfully complete the task of analysing the economic side of an existing project: this element is

2022 Mid-Year Analysis by Lauris Deslex

What can we learn from 2022 Ukraine crisis replacing the sanitary crisis? One would believe that the amazing situation of the logistic real estate derived from the exponential growth of the e-commerce would

The Most Common Snags in Construction

Due to the increasing demand for high quality work in recent years, perfect finishes are taking an important role in the construction of logistic warehouses. Snag lists are made to identify and verify the
Assistance en maitrise d'ouvrage

Employer’s agent, a matter of passion

If I ever considered investing in construction, I would definitely seek help. In fact, I want to think that most investors surround themselves with the best advisers for a business of this nature.

Administrative procedures in the construction sector

Administrative procedures in the construction sector in general and logistics construction in particular should be reduced as much as possible, Top Management has developed a certain expertise in that field and this is
Market impact of the coronavirus for Logistic’s Real Estate & Construction

Market impact of the coronavirus for Logistic’s Real Estate & Construction Update

New update! (02/06/2020) Over the last few days there have been a few changes in Top Management’s construction status. In order to keep you updated, we would like to share with you the

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