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Interview with Mirko Vasiljevic,
Group Business Development Manager at Top Management

What attracted you to TOP’s project?

I have known Top Management for more than 10 years, and we have met several times at international fairs and conferences. I was seduced by the group dynamics that exist within the team, the state of mind of the employees and of course the real estate construction sector in which the company operates internationally.


What do you think TOP can bring you and what do you think you will bring to TOP?

Without a doubt Top will allow me to discover a new sector of activity that is booming today. The company participates indirectly in the development of our territories, and therefore in the real estate resources which is a major issue nowadays. For my part, I will make every effort to bring my professional experience so that Top can become a leader in the engineering and construction monitoring market in the industrial, logistics and commercial real estate. 


The main TOP’s challenge for next year?

There will be several interesting challenges, some of which may take longer than others. But we will keep our sights on listening to our clients to best support them in their various projects. We will also be as close as possible to our partners and customers by establishing a strong relationship of trust. I just hope that the current geopolitical situation will not have a direct impact on our client’s projects in the medium term.


How do you see the industry in the next 5 years ?

Despite a slowdown in construction projects felt during the Covid-19 crisis, the sector is expected to recover in the coming months in Europe. Driven by the economic boom of e-commerce and the increasing outsourcing of logistics flows management, we can only remain confident about the future development of Top. However, we must of course consider the many challenges that will arise for our customers and our teams: for example reducing the carbon footprint not only in the construction but also in the operation of future buildings. I also hope that the sector will not be too affected by the evolution in construction costs, inflation and therefore interest rates that could slow down the launch of some projects for investors. The emergence of data centers in Europe could be a new market segment to develop for Top and possibly create an in-house department of expertise in this field while controlling the impact on the environment.


What will be TOP’s approach to new business development ?

Top will continue to support its customers in their various construction projects by offering them its best technical solutions and assistance. We will strive to increase our proximity with them daily, particularly through our various international business units (subsidiaries). I remain convinced that Top’s long experience and competitive advantages will allow us to consolidate our place in the construction market in the future.

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