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ONCF’s logistic parc project formally initiated

Karim GHELLAB minister “d’equipement et des transports” together with Mohamed Rabie KHLIE, ONCF’s general manager, visited the site of the future Casablanca Mita Logistic Activities’ Area (ZAL) to formally initiate the project’s first phase. Top Management’s managing associate, Lauris Deslex and Vincent Biron, engineer in charge of the project monitoring mission, attended the act in representation of the firm.

The construction of this centre is part of the “Plan ONCF Logistique Émergence” programme whose aim is to position ONCF as the sector’s main firm. The Casablanca project is considered in this programme as the first step towards attaining a national network which will be completed with further realisations in the country’s main economic centres; Fès, Marrakech, Tanger, Jorf Lasfar and Oujda.

This first phase, which has an estimated budget of 200 million Dirhams, will be carried out in a 12 hectares site that is strategically situated beside Mita’s dry port and therefore is 6km form Casablanca’s port, has railway connections and is easily accessible via the motorway.

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