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Our latest challenge, Germany

Düsseldorf, Thursday 30th of August 2012 – Top Management, international engineering firm that specialises in logistic parks, industrial facilities, retail parks and cold warehouses, has taken on their latest challenge, to carry out the follow-up of three important projects in three different German locations.

One of Top Management’s main characteristic is to accompany their customers wherever their projects may take them. In this case, one of the engineering firm’s main client, a records management and storage services’ company, has requested assistance in three projects to be carried out in three of their warehouses in Germany. They all consist in a restructure in order to increase their storage capacity. In all the warehouses, works will take place while these remain in full activity.

The time limit for these projects is very tight and has been programmed so that the end of the works coincides with the entrance of the records of a new customer. This entails that no delay can take place. Another added difficulty is that all three projects must be carried out simultaneously. All this, amongst other things, has prompted the customer to desire for and request for Top Management’s support and experience.

The team that will take care of coordinating these projects is composed by professionals that already manage other projects for this customer in countries such as Ukraine.

Engineering company which has an extremely professional team that has plenty experience in the industrial and logistic sectors and that offers engineering, project monitoring and consulting services. It characterizes for guaranteeing an unbeatable integral project management whether it be in expenses or in quality and deadlines and for providing environmental or other solutions so as to avoid critical situations that might delay the project. Evidence of their excellent work is the confidence that the customers have in them by not only continuing to work with them but by also recommending them.

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