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Paper documentation storage systems

Barcelona, Tuesday 20th of September 2016 – Nowadays it’s very normal to externalize the firms’ documentation storage. The main benefit of subcontracting these services is that of reducing costs since storage space is an expensive resource. The users of the companies that provide these services are varied, from hospitals to law firms, which implies that the characteristics of the documentation archived also varies. According to these characteristics one or other or the combination of various paper documentation storage systems must be used.

Paper documentation storage systems

The main systems are the following:

Catwalk system: is a multi-level storage system. It’s ideal for archives with a high level of consultation since it permits quick access to them. Employees can consult the records without the need of auxiliary means which implies that in a same aisle various can work at the same time. It’s characterized by narrow corridors.

Man-up system: is a system with uninterrupted racking to the ceiling. Access to the records is made via order pickers. It’s ideal for semi-active records and distinguishes itself for its narrow aisles that optimize storage space.

Pallet rack system: is the typical pallet storage racks system for which a fork lift truck is necessary. It’s generally used for inactive documentation.

Vault system: consists in a closed room equipped with a high safety system as well as a fire prevention and detection system which usually doesn’t use water but gas in order to avoid the destruction of the stored material. This system is suitable for material that is considered very valuable.

All these systems can be carried out with standard racking components as well as of custom made components.

Amongst Top Management’s customers there are archives storage firms for which they have carried out the construction of new facilities, the extension of warehouses, etc. The result of this is that Top Management’s team has an extensive know-how in all the phases of these types of projects. The Project Managers can realise project coordination missions in which tendering, contracting, preparation, construction follow-up and handover would be included. Moreover they’re used to coordinating with the fire-fighters’ department, ministries, town halls, tenants and owners all the process, handling all the parties’ requirements and providing solutions when problems arise o when interests are confronted. They also possess a wide experience in the application of both local standards and the customer’s standards. All this makes Top Management a great ally when developing and completing a project of this type.


Engineering company which has an extremely professional team with plenty experience in the industrial and logistic sectors and that offers engineering, project monitoring and consulting services. It characterizes for guaranteeing an unbeatable integral project management whether it be in expenses or in quality and deadlines and for providing environmental or other solutions so as to avoid critical situations that might delay the project. Evidence of their excellent work is the confidence that the customers have in them by not only continuing to work with them but by also recommending them.

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