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Preventive archaeology, a useful tool

Barcelona, Tuesday 14th of June 2016 Many are those who remember a construction site that remained stalled for a certain time due to the discovery of archaeological remains. The point of view of the majority of the participants in a construction project is constituted of these negative experiences.

From Top Management we would like to offer a different point of view: a preventive archaeological study should form part of the common evaluation procedure of a piece of land as are the geotechnical study and the topographical study since it can represent a significant money and time savings.

The aim of these studies is to identify the potential presence of archaeological remains in the grounds. The procedure to obtain a diagnosis is the following:

1.- Consult the archaeological and paleontological map of the area.

2.- Analyse the current bibliography concerning archaeological or paleontological research work in the area.

3.- Superimpose our construction project with the geological, historical and photographic maps of the area.

At this point we might already have a positive diagnosis, that is, the piece of land presents a high probability of containing archaeological or paleontological elements.

If, on the other hand, the diagnosis is not concluding enough there is a last step that we can carry out to obtain a definitive result.

4.- Explore the ground to locate the remains of ancient settlements.

A preventive study can:

  • Avoid buying a piece of land that might contain archaeological remains.
  • Enables conceiving in advance the construction planning so that the archaeological study doesn’t alter the construction’s rhythm.
  • Creates the opportunity to adapt/conceive the project so that it avoids the affected area or to change the construction, demolition or foundation method.


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