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Real estate development + Project Management = Success

Barcelona, Monday 12th of December 2016 – In TOP MANAGEMENT we firmly believe in the importance of Project Management to carry out successfully a real estate development project.

Real estate development + Project Management = Success

The Project Manager is well acquainted with the risks that these kinds of operations entail for the investor and is aware of the most critical moments, as can be the acquisition of an existing plot of land/property or the signing of a lease agreement.

The assistance of a Project Manager, when present from the start or from an early stage, in these projects, can be invaluable. How?

  • Locating and evaluating the risks in order to achieve greater transparency.
  • Helping reduce the threats to the success of the project.
  • Managing all procedures with official agencies and institutions to find out if the project is feasible.
  • Carrying out viability studies in order to visualise the design’s maximum use and to be able to give an indication of the construction costs.
  • Providing technical solutions that satisfy the parties concerned.
  • Determining the technical criteria so as to unify the involved parties’ requirements.
  • Writing out the technical specifications that will be annexed to the lease contract.

Their experience during all the process contributes to avoid possible setbacks since, amongst others, they help obtain the foreseen qualities and they exert a strict control over the project’s budget.

A Project Manager’s assistance is also crucial when managing a complex setup with a large number of participants as is the case of real estate development projects. It can become indispensable in order to avoid conflicts between land owners, tenants, banks, authorities and construction companies..

The job of a Project Manager is to make a complicated project more transparent and to secure their customer’s interests whilst coordinating other parties and/or firms that defend their own interests.


Engineering company which has an extremely professional team with plenty experience in the industrial and logistic sectors and that offers engineering, project monitoring and consulting services. It characterizes for guaranteeing an unbeatable integral project management whether it be in expenses or in quality and deadlines and for providing environmental or other solutions so as to avoid critical situations that might delay the project. Evidence of their excellent work is the confidence that the customers have in them by not only continuing to work with them but by also recommending them.

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