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Advice to plan, manage and deliver large scale individual projects for the public and private sectors.

Capital projects are generally complex and involve many parties, risks and challenges which means that defining the type of governance is crucial.

In the design stage we offer:

  • Definition of the Project’s technical specifications
  • Risk analysis
  • Procurement strategy

In the procurement stage:

  • Contractor selection
  • Tender documentation
  • Tender analysis and comparison

In the contract phase:

  • Contract review
  • Technical attachment analysis

During construction:

  • Full monitoring of the process

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The project’s General Management taking into account the technical and economic aspects as well as the planning’s control. > Construction Project Management

Technical analysis carried out before the acquisition of a plot of land or a real estate property.

> Due Dilligence

A Project Monitor provides technical advice, exact status information and quality assurance of the project.

> Project Monitoring

Ensures a tendering brief which is economically coherent and technically and financially feasible with your real estate projects.

> Quantity Surveying

Program management services help clients keep multiple, interrelated projects in sync, on-time and within budget.

> Program Management

Value engineering increases the value of products, satisfying the product’s performance requirements at the lowest possible cost.

> Project Value Engineering

Quality control enhances the durability and maintenance of a facility.

> Project Quality, Audit & Control

It’s the Project Management of capital projects, which are generally complex and involve many parties, risks and challenges.

> Capital PM

Is the process of verifying the compliance of the installation with the specifications and to make sure it functions correctly.

> Testing & Comissioning

An Outsourced PM allows clients to increase their team with qualified and experienced people over a determined period of time.

> Outsourced PM


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