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The essence of Project Monitoring is to give clients objective information that allows them to make wise decisions about key issues to warrant a smooth construction process.

It’s the regular review and reporting of a project’s performance that can take place at any stage of a projects’ life-cycle from conception, through to construction and operation.

A Project Monitoring mission ranges from evaluating the construction manager, designer and contractors’ performance to monitoring schedules and analysing costs.

Top Management’s Project Monitoring services encourage project success by independently anticipating problems, identifying setbacks and recommending solutions that take into consideration the technical and financial goals established by the owner, developer and tenant.

Top Management’s clients benefit from the sound technical and financial recommendations suggested by the Project Monitoring teams which are comprised by in-house specialists who are experts in their fields.

If the customer finds himself in a situation in which he must take a decision, Top Management has previously provided him with all the necessary elements to make this decision quickly and precisely.

What is the mission of the Project Monitor?

The different type of missions of the project monitor are:

After completion of the technical due diligence for the acquisition of a plot of land or a group of buildings:

  • Support in the feasibility of a project
  • Establishment of the operation and support of the consulting phase / appointment of the project sponsor or general contractor
  • Monitoring the implementation of the project during the construction phase, including the rectification of construction defects.
  • Monitoring the completion phase

In addition, the Project Monitor must know how to adapt to technical and constructive developments, to ever tighter schedules and to new types of warehouses of the last mile, for example, in order to foresee administrative risks and to deepen the existing demolition phases, which could multiply.

What is the role of the Project Monitor?

The Project Monitor of the contracting authority covers several roles depending on the nature of the task, but in total must:

  • the technical support of the customer in the construction sector
  • the mediator between the various participants in a project
  • the guarantee for the overall data of the project (specifications, contract, etc.)

The responsibilities of a Project Monitor in a supervisory project include many skills and qualifications such as:

  • Preparation of relevant analyzes
  • Establishing a relationship of trust with the customer and those involved in the project
  • Communicate information in good time

In conclusion, the project monitoring specialist must have a “peripheral vision” in to master all the elements that contribute to the success of the construction project.

What are the project monitor’s tasks?

  • Advice and supervision of companies / planning offices
  • Analysis of documents: study, execution, plans, reports, etc.
  • Financial analysis: total offers, estimates, additional work, etc.
  • Analysis of study and implementation plans
  • Analysis of contract documents
  • Follow-up of administrative acts (participation in meetings with local authorities, etc.) from drafting to obtaining permits
  • Suggestion of alternative technical solutions
  • Organization and reporting of technical, administrative meetings, etc.

What are the advantages of hiring a Project Monitor mission for your next construction site?

  • Financial advantage through timely anticipation of constructive solutions and project adjustments
  • Financial advantage thanks to the technical and financial analysis of the offers, which makes it possible to identify the additional costs and to start negotiations
  • Ensuring smooth operations through regular monitoring and reporting
  • A smooth running of the administrative part and the obtaining of permits
  • Early detection of planning errors with proposed solutions in order to remedy them, identify deficiencies constructively and offer solutions to remedy them (commissioning an expert, etc.)

What’s the core of Top Management’s work within a Project Monitoring mission?

The heart of our way of working is proactive and transparent communication with our customers and employees. Various tools and actions are used for this:

  • Comprehensive analysis of the issues in advance and communication of the results so that the customer can make a final decision that is both adapted and ambitious at the same time.
  • Regular phone calls
  • Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly meeting
  • Regular reporting by report, by email
  • Mark-up on the documents to be analyzed

Why working with TOP Management as a project Monitor?

Global knowledge from industry, logistics, trade and offices for more than ten years offers our customers many advantages:

  • Partnership with experts in their field to deliver services
  • Responsiveness and diversity of the teams
  • Ability to manage exchanges in different languages
  • Understanding and adapting the teams to the working methods of the different countries
  • Creation of a close and transparent relationship with our customers through constant communication and an efficient reporting process
  • Knowledge of the latest technical and constructive developments and structural requirements, especially on a sustainable level

Sample projects developed by Top Management

As a company specialized in project monitoring, Top Management has worked on major projects on behalf of AMAZON, such as the construction of CARREFOUR with 130,000 m², the construction of CONFORAMA with 180,000 m² and various projects.

In addition, our team has carried out technical projects, such as the construction of a positive and negative cold store of 35,000 m2 in Lens.

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