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Top Management Maroc is a reality

Barcelona, Wednesday 9 January 2013 – Top Management Maroc is a reality. The long way Top Management, international engineering firm that offer project management, project monitoring and consulting services, has come since having started work in Morocco at the end of 2009 has culminated in the creation of a subsidiary in Casablanca.

Top Management started business in Morocco, providing its wide knowledge in the conceiving of logistic parks, carrying out the programming of a park for MEDZ (Mediterranean Economic Development Zones – Caisse des dépots / CDG Group). Since then the engineering company has worked two other times with MEDZ realizing studies of similar nature.

The awarding of a public contest to carry out a logistic park for the public firm ONCF in May 2011 represented a milestone in Top Management’s history in Moroccan territory. After having won this project it can be said that Top Management has worked in the majority of big logistic parks that have been developed in these last five years in Morocco, be it for public or private customers. Amongst them the project management work realized managing the construction lots of a logistic park for Softlogistic or the project monitoring mission carried out in SNTL’s logistic park’s three phases can be mentioned.

The subsidiary, Turnkey Operations Project Management Maroc, has offices in Twin Centre, Tour Ouest, 16e étage, Angle Boulevards Zerktouni et El Massira in Casablanca since last December 2012.


Engineering company which has an extremely professional team that has plenty experience in the industrial and logistic sectors and that offers engineering, project monitoring and consulting services. It characterizes for guaranteeing an unbeatable integral project management whether it be in expenses or in quality and deadlines and for providing environmental or other solutions so as to avoid critical situations that might delay the project. Evidence of their excellent work is the confidence that the customers have in them by not only continuing to work with them but by also recommending them. www.topmgroup.com99

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