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Top Management safety measure for Covid-19

Dear clients and partners, In top Management we hope you are well and handling this situation in the most positive way possible! Due to the recent State of Alarm we would like to remind you the most relevant points of the measures we have applied in our worksite located in the Netherlands, which will apply in all of our woks worldwide.

All local laws and regulations still apply, on top op that an additional set of measures is in place to prevent Corona from spreading but create the opportunity to keep on going.

Organizational measures:

  1. All construction sites should appoint a corona responsible person to monitor the follow up the implementation and change management process.
  2. Execute a risk analyses to investigate risk and translate the measures.
  3. Install big size banners on critical locations, with the rules that apply on the site. ( at lunch break containers, toilets, entrance of the site, entrance of the construction area, etc)
  4. A log should be kept to note: suspicious situations, people who have been expelled
  5. The measures listed here should be communicated to all ( sub) contractors, suppliers, advisors that might visit the site. It is their responsibility to instruct, implement and apply


  1. To apply social distancing, people should travel to the site by themselves and not together.
  2. If that is not possible, people should sit in the same seat every trip, clean/ disinfect the touchpoints. No eating, drinking and smoking in the vehicle.

Entering and leaving  the site:

  1. People will be scanned by a temperature body scanner and checked on raised body temperature when entering the site . Persons with a body temperature over 37,5 degrees are not allowed to enter the site.
  2. People who have symptoms of a potential disease, like coughing, sneezing are not allowed on site
  3. Equipment and tools are to be cleaned/disinfected when taken from and to the vehicle.

Personal hygiene:

  1. The use of paper handkerchiefs/ tissues is mandatory and for one time use only, after sneezing, blowing noose, washing hands, use of toilet, cleaning/ desinfecting of surfaces, cleaning/ disinfecting tools and equipment. Paper is to put into a waist bin after use
  2. A facial mask is mandatory although the affect has not been proved.  The mask should be changed daily or after being polluted in any kind
  3. Washing of hands is mandatory: when entering the site, after use of toilet, before and after lunch break
  4. Work clothes are to be washed and changed every day.
  5. PPE should be available centrally on site and collected on site


  1. Lunch room/containers should be set up in a way that people can consume their meal with 1,5 distance to other persons. To avoid crowded area’s shifts should be implemented and eating outside is allowed.
  2. After consuming a meal or shift change the spot has to be cleaned/disinfected.
  3. Lunch/ drinks are not be shared.


  1. Social distancing is to be maintained as much as possible.
  2. When not possible work spots are to be secured by using sneeze covers
  3. When implementing a sneeze cover is not possible people should work by turning their head away from the other person.
  4. Exchange of tools/ equipment should be avoided. If not possible, equipment/ tools should be cleaned before every swap. Also handing in some else’s tools/ equipment should be avoided.
  5. When working in tight places, creates to less space, shifts should be implemented to spread the works and work force. Rule of thumb is max one person per 10 m2.
  6. When passing each other in small spaces or corridors, it is preferred that one waits for the other. If not possible pass each other back to back with your face turned away.
  7. When not feeling well during the day, leave the work spot, announce yourself at the responsible person and leave the site.


  1. All toilet, breakrooms and other social area’s should be cleaned daily.  Toilets should be cleaned after every use, breakrooms after every meal/ shift.
  2. Cleaning paper and cleaning materials/ disinfectant materials should be provided centrally on the site.
  3. Cleaning paper waits should be removed from site daily.
We are at your disposal for any questions, comments or concerns. Top Management Team

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