1. Commitment to current and applicable legislation: No commercial relationships or activities will be entered into with anyone who has ties with and/or promotes illegal commercial activities.


  1. Good faith and honesty: Commercial dealings must be conducted in a clear, objective, serious and honest manner, avoiding conduct that is illegal, contrary to ethical standards or fraudulent.


  1. Respect for and commitment to the confidentiality of personal data: The confidentiality of personal data to which we have access as a result of our professional activities must be protected at all times, even after said activities have been completed. It is essential to put in place appropriate security measures to protect confidential and personal information belonging to the company or to third parties.


  1. Respect for persons: Harassment, abuse, intimidation, disrespect and inconsiderate behaviour will not be accepted in the workplace.

Relationships based on respect, participation, fairness and collaboration will be encouraged, fostering a respectful atmosphere to ensure a positive working environment.


  1. Anti-corruption and bribery policy: No form of corruption, bribery or influence-peddling to carry out a professional activity, whether with the public administration or in the private sphere, will be permitted.


  1. Workplace risk prevention: Stipulations of current applicable workplace risk prevention regulations must be adhered to.


  1. Compliance with tax and social security obligations: All illegal practices that constitute tax avoidance to the detriment of the treasury and competent Social Security Office will be avoided.


  1. Transparency of financial and accounting data: Economic and financial information must provide a true picture of the economic and financial situation and assets, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles and applicable international financial reporting standards.


  1. Commitment to and respect for the environment: We will adopt a responsible attitude towards the environment, and assume a commitment to comply with environmental legislation and use resources in a rational manner. Therefore, all actions that cause harm to the environment must be avoided.


  1. Supervision: To ensure full compliance with this Code of Ethics, said code must be shared and known throughout the whole organisation and compliance with the same verifiable as and when required.


This Code of Ethics is a brief reflection of ethical corporate principles.
For more information, you can request the extended version of the Code of Conduct of the organisation at the following address: or by form:

TOP MANAGEMENT informs that the personal data you provide in this report form will be treated by TOP MANAGEMENT as the only responsible.

Purpose of collecting and processing personal data: Only to manage the complaint made.

Legitimation: Consent of the interested party and legitimate interest.

Conservation periods: Once the process ends, TOP MANAGEMENT will keep your personal data blocked during the legal prescription period. Once the legal period over, data will be destroyed.

Recipients: No data will be transferred to third parties, except by legal obligation. Rights: You can exercise your rights of access, rectification and limitation, and delete data contacting,as well as the right to lodge a claim with a competent authority.

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